Creative ink tattoos, is a tattoo shop in Portsmouth located in fawcett road Hampshire England.

​ What can we offer you at creative ink?

​Tattooing is now considered an art form, so why not use our creativity and expertise and get an amazing piece of art, we specialise in one off tattoos and designs, but we can also do your own designs, feel free to bring these in.

We have the best in tattoo aftercare with Hustle Butter Deluxe, this is given away free with every tattoo. we have the best in tattooing equipment, machines , inks, and needles.
We are fully registered with all the local health authorities and we keep up to date with all the rules,regulations and aftercare of your tattoo. so we can offer you the best possible service.
We have a fully private studio in the back room of the shop
so it is more of a relaxed atmosphere.
We also offer a free no obligation consultations, I find this gives you the chance to get a look at the shop sit down with the artist and go through your design, style ,size, placement and at an affordable price which suits you and the tattooist.
​To arrange a consultation fill out the form in contact on the links at the top of the page. We are open 7days a week opening times are posted on Facebook daily as sometimes we are open till 10pm depending on the appointment time.